The First Trailer for Captain Marvel is Here!

Marvel Studios officially dropped their first trailer for the upcoming Captain Marvel, the next film in the MCU. Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers has only been hinted at in the franchise thus far in the post-credits scene at the end of this year’s Infinity War, so it will be really interesting to finally unleash this very powerful character into this universe.

The trailer is really more of a teaser than an official trailer in that it doesn’t really reveal a ton of information. We get a real nice feel of the 90s tone in the film as Danvers crash lands in a Blockbuster in the middle of the night. There’s some solid dialogue from the de-aged Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role as Nick Fury. Later in the trailer we get some more de-aging with Clark Gregg coming back as Phil Coulson. Fury says he planned to hang it all up before she came along, an indicator on the impact Danvers has already had on the MCU, an interesting wrinkle.

Outside of that, there isn’t much of a story to glean from this. There’s some nice action flashes and see a bit of Jude Law (who is about to have a great couple of months) but that’s mostly it.

I found myself rather enjoying the trailer and am excited to see the film. The trailer didn’t make me more or less excited to see Captain Marvel next year because I’m already very excited to see it.

So what did you think? Does this trailer make you more excited for Captain Marvel or did you feel not so super about it? Let me know with a comment below and don’t forget to like, comment, and share.


-Kyle A. Goethe



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