Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon set to Appear in “Inferno”, Shooting Begins in April


Some news for you folksies today. According to an article posted by Entertainment Weekly, Tom Hanks will be returning to play symbologist Robert Langdon in the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s Inferno.

Now, this part gets a little chronologically confusing, so bear down with me here…

Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series of books goes as follows:

  1. Angels & Demons
  2. The DaVinci Code
  3. The Lost Symbol
  4. Inferno

The soon-to-be trilogy of films directed by Ron Howard consists of:

  1. The DaVinci Code
  2. Angels & Demons
  3. Inferno

Now, for the most part, these stories are interchangeable, no one of them has any consequence on the others, but it is interesting to note that The Lost Symbol will (as of this blogging) not be adapted. I read it. It’s the fourth best of the books.


Ron Howard will be stepping behind the camera again in April.

What do you think? Is this exciting news or do you find it quite meh? Tell me.

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