Let’s Talk About Boyhood…


Seriously. I need to speak on this. Can we just take a moment to talk about this film?

So, in 2002, Richard Linklater (Before Sunset, Bernie) began shooting a film. It had no title yet. The script was written but not finalized. He began filming the story of a child, a first-grader and his fictional family life. His plan was to get a crew together for a few weeks every year for twelve years to tell this story. He allowed for the screenplay to change to accommodate his characters changes over time. Twelve Years in the Making is more than just a description of the film but a description of this incredible filmmaking experiment.

I’ve been following rumors and what little information was available about this film for some time; I didn’t even realize that it was completed. See below for the trailer and tell me what you think of this interesting film idea which has already earned Linklater awards on the festival circuit. It opens in theaters June 11th.

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