Safe to Say That The Crow Should Maybe Stay Dead…Another Director Down


The ever-growing list of people who were connected to the upcoming(?) The Crow reboot is getting a little longer. Corin Hardy has either left the project or been let go (either way, it’s bad) due to budget constraints from Relativity (that company that somehow still exists).

Hardy originally joined the project back in 2014 as the director.

If you want my perhaps unpopular opinion, they need to soft reboot this property with a low-budget release, possibly even direct-to-digital. The problems will continue to arise as Relativity shifts and good reception around a good installment to this franchise will drive the buzz in a positive direction.

So what do you think? Should The Crow come back as a low-budget release? Should it come back at all? And who would you like to see don the face paint? Let me know!


-Kyle A. Goethe

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