[31 Days or Horror Part VI: Jason Lives] Day 15 – Seventh Moon (2008)

Director: Eduardo Sánchez

Cast: Amy Smart, Tim Chiou, Dennis Chan

Screenplay: Eduardo Sánchez

87 mins. Rated R for language and violence/horror.


Is Eduardo Sánchez (The Blair Witch Project, Exists) capable of doing something that isn’t found-footage? Until today, I’d only seen his found-footage films, and they were hit-and-miss for me, so I was interested in seeing what else this director had to give.

Melissa (Amy Smart, Just Friends, Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars) and her Chinese American husband Yul (Tim Chiou, Fat Camp, TV’s Living with Models) are celebrating their honeymoon in China, and everything seems to be going very well, but one night, as they are taking the car back from a festival they were attending, they become stranded in a village that they do not know…and they are being followed by something not human.

Wow, what a terrible film. What an absolutely terrible film. There’s not a single element of this film that works. First of all, let’s settle the big problem here. This movie isn’t a found-footage film, but it is shot with a shaky cam that’s so noticeably bad and confusing (dare I say headache-inducing) that it’s incomprehensible to even know what’s happening most of the time. The cam is shakier than it is in most found-footage films. I have no idea what happens in this movie after the first ten minutes because the camera can’t focus on a single element onscreen.

Amy Smart and Tim Chiou are probably trying their best, but the screenplay is pretty close to just screaming and yelling, not too far off from The Blair Witch Project. I don’t know enough about either of them to really care that anything bad is happening (I also wouldn’t have a clue what was happening anyway).

This film was an absolute waste of time. There’s nothing good about Seventh Moon except perhaps the kernel of an idea that this legend is real. I think you can make a good film with this central idea. Eduardo Sánchez just didn’t make a good movie. That’s it. Nothing more to say on the subject.



-Kyle A. Goethe



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