1990 It Producers File Lawsuit Against Warner Bros.

Frank Konigsberg and Larry Sanitsky are suing Warner Bros. over their contractual rights to be involved in the new It films.

Konigsberg and Sanitsky were producers on the 1990 miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s It, and their claim is that they were denied involvement on the 2017 theatrical adaptation and its 2019 sequel. Their claim is that they have contractual rights to involvement on any “sequel, series, remake, or spinoff” of their miniseries, along with a substantial percentage of net profits.

The two are claiming that the 2017 film and its sequel are remakes of their film, and that they are owed their due on it.

So here’s what I have to say on the subject. I don’t have 100% of the details, but it is interesting that they are coming forward a few years after the 2017 It actually released. I’m not sure why they would wait that long when they knew another film adaptation was coming.

Here’s the other thing. It 2017 is not a remake of It 1990. They are both adaptations of the novel by Stephen King. It is not a sequel. It is not a [television] series. It is not a remake. It is not a spinoff. This film is clearly based on the novel and not on the film. There are specific scenes pulled from the novel that were not even featured in the miniseries.

To me, this is two guys who see a money pie and want a slice, and I think they are trying to squirrel their way into some money. They should attempt creating something popular if they want to get money, perhaps, because their claim is BS.

So what do you think? Is this lawsuit bullshit or are they owed? Let me know/Drop a comment below!


-Kyle A. Goethe

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