Alien Nation Remake Shelved at Fox/Disney

Alien Nation is a property primed up for a reboot or remake, but now, the new interpretation has been shelved over at the Fox offices, due almost completely to the Disney purchase. Jeff Nichols of Midnight Special and Mud fame had been set to direct the remake to the sci-fi film, and reports have swirled that the film has not been axed completely but is currently shelved.

I personally wouldn’t expect to see this revived anytime soon. It’s important to note that Disney will not want its own films to be competing against each other and will more than likely only want to release sure things. Alien Nation is not a sure thing. The same thing happened when Tron 3 was shelved a few years back, and I wouldn’t expect to see that one revived either.

Jeff Nichols will likely have to jump ship to something else, and it’s really too bad not to see a film like Alien Nation get off and going. The original 1988 film starred James Caan and Mandy Patinkin, was followed by a television series and five television sequels, so I know that there is a lot of material to mine for a new film, whether it be a remake or a reboot.

So what do you think? Should Disney rethink shelving Alien Nation or is this a good call? Let me know/Drop a comment below!


-Kyle A. Goethe

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