[31 Days of Horror Part V – A New Beginning] Day 1 – The Dentist (1996)

Director: Brian Yuzna

Cast: Corbin Bernsen, Linda Hoffman, Michael Stadvec

Screenplay: Dennis Paoli, Stuart Gordon, Charles Finch

92 mins. Rated R for graphic violence including scenes of dental torture, sexuality and some language.


Hey there everyone! Happy October, and we are back with another 31 Days of Horror. I know last year I called it The Final Chapter, but c’mon, is it ever? Let’s start things off with a cringer.

Dr. Allan Feinstone (Corbin Bernsen, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Psych: The Movie) seeming has it all. Or at least, until his wedding anniversary when he discovers his wife Brooke (Linda Hoffman, Face/Off, Clifford) is cheating on him with the poolman, Matt (Michael Stadvec, Public Enemies, Chairman of the Board). The knowledge of such treachery sets Dr. Feinstone off, causing him to kill the neighbor’s dog and then turn his sights on work for the day. Dr. Feinstone is a dentist, and cavities don’t take the day off, and he tries to convince himself that he is okay, but Allan’s patients soon realize that he is not alright. In fact, he’s gone insane.

The Dentist, on the surface, seems like it could be an appealing concept. By that, I mean the very surface. I remember being a kid and being terrified of the dentist. Many people are scared by dentists. It only seems natural to make a horror film about one.

That being said, The Dentist is terrible. It has the slimmest possible plot it can, it revolves seemingly around an entirely unlikable and uninteresting cast, and there is no tension in the film. There is some revulsion, but no tension. There’s a feeling like The Dentist can exist in a world of Grindhousian films, but I would pass it up for another flick even based on the gore. There’s nothing particularly over-the-top about the horror, and in that way, it doesn’t even shock the way Grindhouse films should.

Sadly, there isn’t really a redeeming quality, unless you like seeing celebs before they were famous (Hey look, it’s Mark Ruffalo!). Other than that, I found the film, from director Brian Yuzna (Faust, Amphibious Creature of the Deep) to be dreadfully boring and flat-out without merit.



-Kyle A. Goethe


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