[31 Days of Horror: The Final Chapter] Day 5 – Cabin Fever (2002)

Director: Eli Roth

Cast: Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd, James DeBello, Cerina Vincent, Joey Kern, Arie Verveen, Giuseppe Andrews

Screenplay: Eli Roth, Randy Pearlstein

93 mins. Rated R for strong violence and gore, sexuality, language and brief drug use.


Someone finally convinced me to give Cabin Fever a second try. I had watched it back in 2002 when it released and hated it. Despised it. Lamented the time wasted on it. So, naturally, I finally broke down and watched it again.

When Paul (Rider Strong, Too Late, TV’s Boy Meets World) and his four friends rent a cabin in the woods for vacation, they are set upon by a disease-ridden hermit who is infected with a horrific flesh-devouring illness. When the group starts getting sick, they know that they must act quick. Tensions rise, conflicts drive the friends apart, and their ways of reaching the outside world are slowly stripped away. It would appear that Paul’s plan of finally getting Karen (Jordan Ladd, Grindhouse, Good Grief) has just become more complicated.

So. I sat all the way through it, and I have to say…it still sucks. This movie is terrible. I don’t see why it became a cult hit. I find virtually nothing redeemable about it. The characters are neither likable nor interesting, and that becomes a bigger problem as they are picked off by the flesh-eating disease. I find the idea noble, but it still comes off as something we’ve seen better before. The disappointing thing is, I know Eli Roth (Hostel, Knock Knock) can do better, and I’m happy that this film got him somewhere, but I hate it.

But who knows, in fifteen years, I’ll probably be suckered into watching it again. And maybe then, I’ll love it.



-Kyle A. Goethe



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