Second Trailer for Power Rangers Reboot is Here


So I just caught the new trailer for Power Rangers, the long-in-development reboot to the popular franchise about to release early this year, and I dig it.

The trailer gives us a lot more than the initial teaser-ish trailer that came a few months back. We see Zordon and Alpha 5 and Goldar and more Rita Repulsa. We see the suits and the Zords in action. This whole trailer is what this movie needed. I’m a lot more excited now than I was originally.

The faults I had came from the CGI, which felt a little rushed and dirty. I wasn’t all that into it. Now, a recent trend in films has been the speed of trailer cutting when the film isn’t polished enough, so this may be fixed by the film the movie releases.

So what did you think? Are you excited for Power Rangers? Who was your favorite Ranger? Let me know/Drop a comment below!


-Kyle A. Goethe

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