My thoughts on J.J. Abrams’ Comments


Good evening, everyone.

Yesterday, J.J. Abrams, director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, spoke with fans about the identity of Rey’s parents in the film. The mystery surrounding the parentage of the new star in the popular series has sparked new speculation and comments all across the interwebs.

Essentially, Abrams announced that Rey’s parents do not appear in Episode VII, and that Rey is probably wondering who her parents are.

Now, he has had to clarify that Rey simply didn’t meet her parents in Episode VII, even though the parents may be in the film.

So what do I think? I think Abrams did some creative backpedaling to get people guessing again. Whether or not Abrams is lying the first time he speaks or the second, it seems like he again gives the fans almost nothing to go on, and I personally don’t want to go on anything. I want to be surprised when I find out, even though I’m almost certain I know the true identity. Seriously. I’m almost certain.

So there you have it. You just read this post which, again, gives you nothing. For me, I’m just looking forward to more Star Wars.


-Kyle A. Goethe



So what do you think? Who are Rey’s parents? Let me know!

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