Suicide Squad Blitz Trailer Continues to Hit Every Note!


Hey everyone, good afternoon, today I got a look at the newest trailer for the Suicide Squad, the third installment of the DCEU, and I’m even more excited about this film.

In the trailer, we see a lot more character work and setup for the film, where its plot is tracking, and just who this macabre cadre of DC villains are. Each character gets a beat in the trailer, set to Ballroom Blitz. If the film hadn’t convinced me with its Bohemian Rhapsody trailer, this newest look definitely did, and coming off the less-than-terrific reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC needs this.

I also saw more Batman in this trailer. A lot more Batman. In fact, it looks like DC is using this glorified cameo to sell this film based on Ben Affleck’s success as the caped crusader.

So what do you think? Did you see the newest look at Suicide Squad and are you excited? What’s your favorite unorthodox comic book film? Let me know!

Suicide Squad explodes onto screens August 5.


-Kyle A. Goethe

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