New Hardcore Henry Trailer Brings the Insanity!


Hey everyone, so I’ve been seeing an awful lot on this upcoming April film Hardcore Henry, and a new trailer just dropped, detailing a ton of action set pieces. The film, a revolutionary new action picture filmed entirely in first-person, is like a feature-length video game. Now, whether or not that can work remains to be seen, but the trailer is crazy wild.

Hardcore Henry is an experimental film featuring Sharlto Copley and is a unique action experience. This trailer does offer some quotes about the film’s balls to the wall and visceral experience. You know, I just can’t describe it much, so you just have to see it.

My one takeaway here is whether this is the first in a long line of film’s that will try to emulate it, much like how the horror genre has taken to found-footage. You tell me. Is Hardcore Henry worth seeing, and how does it compare to the FPS finale to the 2005 film Doom?

Hardcore Henry explodes onto movie screens April 8th.


-Kyle A. Goethe

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