New Angry Birds Trailer Gives Us More Story!


Okay folks,

We can’t fight the fact that we are getting an Angry Birds movie. I can’t fight the fact that I actually enjoyed the original trailer.

I had to remember this when the newest international trailer premiered, highlighting the plot a bit more. In it, we find out that the film is kind of an origin story or prequel to the popular game series, telling of what caused the epic war between the birds and the pigs and exactly why so many are angry.

I watched the trailer just a few moments ago, and again, I’m shocked to say that I actually enjoyed this trailer as much as the first. I like that we touch on the gameplay and the now-iconic traits of the birds and the pigs. I also really liked that the score is a riff on the game’s score and really set the mood of the film. Now, of course, the film could have a different score altogether, but I hope it is.

So what did you think of the trailer (which you can find below)? Are you excited for The Angry Birds Movie? Does Angry Birds qualify as a video game movie? Let me know!

The Angry Birds Movie slingshots its way into theaters on May 20th.

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