31 Days of Horror Part II: Day 12 – Infernal (2015)


Director: Bryan Coyne

Cast: Andy Ostroff, Heather Adair, Alyssa Koerner, Jose Rosete

Screenplay: Bryan Coyne

99 mins. Not Rated.


Hey there everyone. Just stepping in tonight to tell you about the new film I saw today. It’s called Infernal, and it’s just awful. It stars Andy Ostroff and Heather Adair as newlyweds Nathan and Sophia who we flash forward to eight years later in their marriage. They have a daughter, Imogene (Alyssa Koerner) and life has gotten more difficult. Imogene shows signs of possible possession, but what can Nathan and Sophia do to save her, and can she be saved?


Infernal is awful. Starting with the characters. Ostroff and Adair have no chemistry for a couple who should be together for eight years. Neither one can really act either, especially Ostroff, who vomits his lines as if to get rid of them rather than speak them. When the guy playing the Gollum-ripoff demon is the best character, you got a problem.

Also, is this film found footage? I just don’t know. There are times when it feels like found footage, and there are times when it doesn’t make any sense. Then, there are times when it’s painfully obvious that they are trying to say, “hey, there’s stuff going on here, check it out.”

Who picked the music for Infernal? It felt as though it was picked up for the reasonable resemblance to public domain music. Ugh, utterly terrible.


There just isn’t anything that works in this film. It dredges on for what feels like hours. This film belongs in hell.



-Kyle A. Goethe


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