Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson Join First Season of American Crime Story; In Other News, WTF is American Crime Story?


In the world of weird Hollywood news, I just have to mention this. Ryan Murphy, creator of American Horror Story, has created something of a companion series called American Crime Story which chronicles major crimes like the one I am about to talk on. Cuba Gooding Jr. has jumped on the wagon portraying WAIT-FOR-IT…O.J. Simpson in the true story of the O.J. Simpson trial. Seriously.

Sarah Paulson of American Horror Story has also signed on as Marcia Clark. This is big news kind of. But that doesn’t change the oddity of this news. I honestly think this is a poor idea for a new series and I have been concerned that Ryan Murphy is spreading himself so thin that he isn’t applying the right focus to any one project. When that happens, start waiting on the death knell. Here it comes, Murphy, the dead career bell tolls for thee.

So what do you think of American Crime Story? Does it sound terrible or do you see a silver lining? Let me know!

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