Come Back to Me (2014)


Director: Paul Leyden

Cast: Jon Abrahams, Caroline Clements, Laura Gordon

Screenplay: Paul Leyden

90 mins. Rated R for bloody horror violence and strong language.


I happen to watch a lot of movies. If they happen to be free, that makes me cautious, but I’m experimental and I’ll try anything once. I happened to try a new film that I knew nothing about. It was called Come Back to Me, a horror film with a minutely interesting twist to it but nothing worthwhile overall. This was just plain bad.


It tells the story of Sarah and Josh, two married lovebirds enjoying life, kind of. Sarah can’t have kids and Josh is keeping secrets from her. When an odd new neighbor moves in across the street, Sarah finds him constantly staring and obsessing over her as she continues to have vivid nightmares that don’t feel like nightmares. As Sarah begins to question her sanity, the whole puzzle starts unraveling. Only it doesn’t really. Just plain bad.

I hated just about everything in this movie. I hated the performances, literally flat characters proving how unappealing they can be. I hated the filters that made most of the film unviewable, while other parts looked like the camera was pointing at the sun. I hated the screenplay, which seemed to meander from forgettable scenes to worthless exposition. I just plain hated this movie. It ran on for far too long (quite a feat for a 90 minute movie) and I found the ending “twist” to this film worse than the worst of Shymalan twists.


If I had to give this film a rating above zero, it would be pretty simple. Nothing, I repeat, nothing about this film was enjoyable and only served to piss me off. What happened to interesting filmmaking with independent horror films? What really angers me is the score this film received on Netflix. Shame on you, Netflix users. Shame on you.



-Kyle A. Goethe

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