Channing Tatum is the new Gambit! Solo movie gets writer!


I have grown to really enjoy Channing Tatum’s work. Call me crazy, but he has developed himself nicely in the movie business. He isn’t perfect, but he is working his way up.

I recently saw that Channing Tatum just got the new gig as Gambit in the X-Men Movie Universe, a role previously held by Taylor Kitsch in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Pretty exciting!

I also saw that there was a possibility of Gambit appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse before receiving his own solo movie. I like the idea of getting a standalone film, as the previous attempt at giving Wolverine his own origin movie didn’t do so great, and by not great, I mean fucking awful!

Not only that but the Gambit movie just got a writer. It sounds like Josh Zetumer has been hired to write “Gambit,” and it couldn’t come a moment too soon with the news of Deadpool’s new film in the works as well. With all the comic-book news coming from Warner Bros./DC and Disney/Marvel, 20th Century Fox needs to get their feet wet in the new world of NerdDom.

I’m personally excited to see some new blood in the X-Men series, and with Days of Future Past being as terrific as it was, Gambit stands a real chance at magic.

So what do you think about Channing Tatum and Gambit? Let me know.


Channing Tatum can next be seen in 2015’s Jupiter Ascending.

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