I Just Discovered the Trailer for The Pyramid and Have Feels

Wow. I’m a little shocked that this movie slipped under my nose. I am a big fan of Alex Aja, the producer of this film. I dig monster movies over most other horror films, usually because they are more difficult to pull off. I just need other people to see this trailer and have an argument with me about whether or not this will be any good. Check out the trailer below:

And here is the poster:


I can already give this film mad props (yeah, I said it) for going somewhere that we as horror fans haven’t been in some time. And don’t say The Ruins did it, because that film is total bullshit.

Anywho, what did you think? This has potential. And what of its December 5th Release Date? Are we seeing a new dumping ground for horror movies now that January is full? Talk amongst yourselves.

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