Christoph Waltz to Return as Blofeld in Bond 25

The as-yet-untitled Bond 25 will see a familiar face joining Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Lea Seydoux, and Naomie Harris. Actor Christopher Waltz, who played the villainous Blofeld in Spectre, will return to play him in the upcoming sequel, according to The Daily Mail.

Blofeld, previously portrayed by Donald Pleasance, Telly Savalas, and Charles Gray in the main franchise, is the ultimate baddy of the Bond franchise, having appeared in a large number of installments, pulling the strings in the background of the evil Spectre.

The film is being directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga of True Detective fame and will feature many more returning faces, but I was shocked and pleased to learn that Waltz was one of them.

Spectre was not beloved by Bond fans in the same way Casino Royale and Skyfall were. I think the updates made to Blofeld in this new iteration of Bond didn’t really go over well, even though I’ve always found Waltz to be one of the most incredible performers working today, and I rather like his take on the villain. I like the idea of an antithesis to James Bond, and Blofeld is just that. Spectre did a lot of work tying the Daniel Craig saga together, and I think it would be odd to completely ignore it for the final installment of Craig’s run as the spy.

So what do you think? Should they ignore Blofeld or include him in Bond 25? Let me know/Drop a comment below!


-Kyle A. Goethe

More Trouble for Bond 25 as Explosion Damages Set and Injures Crew Member

Bond 25 has been having a hell of a time. Last month, star Daniel Craig had to step away from filming to have surgery on his ankle due to an injury that took place while shooting the film in Jamaica. Production was able to continue without him after some creative reshuffling, but on Tuesday, the official James Bond Twitter account reported a “controlled explosion” on the set that injured a crew member and damaged part of the shooting set. The crew member’s injury was said to be “minor” in nature, but no other injuries were reported.

Bond 25 is still untitled, but will likely be Craig’s final outing as the secret agent, where he will be facing a new villain played by recent Oscar-winner Rami Malek under the direction of True Detective veteran Cary Joji Fukunaga. The upcoming installment will also feature regulars Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Rory Kinnear, and Jeffrey Wright.

I’m glad to hear there were no serious injuries in filming and hopefully the crew member who was injured has a speedy recovery.

Bond 25 hits theaters April 8, 2020.


-Kyle A. Goethe

James Bond 25 Loses Director Danny Boyle

It appears that we have more trouble with Bond 25. Director Danny Boyle has left the project.

Deadline is reporting that Boyle made the decision to leave the project due to creative differences, citing a tweet from the official social media account for the franchise, which reads:

The new installment is currently slated to hit theaters in November of 2019, though this is clearly a date that could change due to a director shuffle.

Personally, I am disheartened to hear this news. I was very excited at the prospect of another auteur filmmaker putting his stamp on the seasoned franchise. I feel like the recent direction of artful directors to the franchise has been a large part of its rejuvenation in the collective culture.

The report goes on to state that Boyle had a very specific idea for his Bond film, utilizing his screenwriting regular John Hodge, and the previous screenplay by Bond alums Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, had been tossed out. It is not currently known if producers will choose to honor Hodge’s script, or that of Purvis and Wade, or even a new writer altogether.

I would imagine that the team behind Bond 25 will likely go with the formula that has worked in Purvis and Wade, assuming that Hodge’s script contributed to the creative differences leading to Boyle’s exit.

So now the question remains: Who will helm Bond 25? The shortlist had previously included a number of different directors who are in various stages of production on other films. I think the studio will want to keep the release date, but now there time is limited. My pick would be Gore Verbinski, known for his Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and most recently A Cure for Wellness. I think Verbinski handles action extremely well and can also reel in slower character moments. He also potentially fits this artful approach to the Bond franchise.

So who do you think belongs on Bond 25? Let me know/Drop a comment below!


-Kyle A. Goethe

Daniel Craig Still Top of Wishlist for Bond 25


It would seem that Spectre may not be the last time we see Daniel Craig as the iconic James Bond, at least, if producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have anything to say about it. According to BBC, executive producer Callum McDougall said that Craig is still at the top of the wishlist to return, remarking that he was the “first choice” for the role. McDougall was also hesitant to make any claims about the actor, saying “I wish I knew” when asked about a confirmation of Craig’s return.

I myself don’t want to see another Daniel Craig Bond movie. I think he has done admirable work, but one of the worst parts of last year’s Spectre was the noticeable wear on Craig’s performance. He just wasn’t into it. I thought he did a better job at his hidden cameo in The Force Awakens than he did as the martini-guzzling spy.

As for who to replace him, I don’t mind the idea of an African American James Bond with Idris Elba, as long as it is taken seriously. That being said, I do not want a female Bond, because that is far too drastic of a change for the character. It would cease to be James Bond and the jarring shift would remove audiences from the story, which the most recent films have strived to build upon. Plus, it degrades the idea of bringing strong female characters to the film world by just taking existing properties and gender-swapping them. Instead, give us a female spy. A new character. Someone exciting and new.

So what do you think? Should Daniel Craig come back to Bond? Who should pick up the mantle if he should walk? Let me know!


-Kyle A. Goethe

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